Saturday 17 January 2015

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review!

 Hey everyone,
So as you know from my last blog post I am in love with the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation it has to be one of my favourite foundations of all time! I'm going to make this a get to the point review and tomorrow on my youtube channel I am going to be uploading a demo/application of this foundation! So lets get right too it!

Product: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
Shade: Cream Ivory (3rd lightest)
Price: €48-49
Coverage: medium-full (buildable)
Finish: semi- matte
Skin type: All skin types (contains no oil)
Application: Best applied with a damp sponge


  • Rich and luminous foundation offering full coverage while hydrating and protecting the skin.
  • Buildable coverage.
  • Blendable.
  • Oil free and ideal for all skin types.
  • Gives a flawless finish.


  • Can be quite thick.
  • Need to set it well as it may start to wear through out the day.

Overall I would give this foundation 9/10 as it is my perfect foundation but It would be ever better if it lasted long without having to set it!

Saturday 10 January 2015

My Top 6 Favourite Items of 2014!

Hey everyone, So since my computer has been broken for the past week (it's back working now), I haven't really been able to properly blog or upload videos! Just when I was about to edit and hopefully upload my long overdue 'What I got For Christmas' video, the editor I use (iMovie) is no longer installed as my computer had to be wiped clean! So I'm hopefully going to get that installed again in the next few hours! So on this lovely Saturday I'm just going to be on my computer all day, along with some school stuff I have to do... To be honest I don't mind too much, I'm a nerd in that sense I secretly enjoy being stressed and busy... well to a certain extent!

Anyway Today I decided to write a post on My Top 6 Favourite Items of 2014! Seeing as it's a new year and all that, I thought it would be fitting to reflect on items that made my year! ( Beauty and fashion related of course!) These are in no order! Lets get started...

  1.  A Foundation that I used a lot over 2014 and still at the moment is 'The Laura Mercier silk creme foundation'. I have been using this foundation for years and although it's quite pricey, in my eyes it's 100% worth it! I use the shade ' Cream Ivory' which is a perfect everyday match with amazing yellow undertones! This foundation has a good range of shades. The reason I love this foundation so much is the because of the blendable, creamy texture, the full,buildable coverage and the lasting power! I love to apply this foundation with a damp sponge!  I'm going to do a video review and demo on my youtube channel in the upcoming few weeks so make sure to keep an eye out for that! 

  2. A concealer that I bought this time last year and have been using it everyday and it still hasn't been used up is the 'Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer'. I use the shade SC-3. This is an AMAZING cream concealer. I use this on my one on one blemishes and under eye circles. What makes this product unique is the choice of 2 slightly different shades of concealer which can be mixed together to get the perfect shade! This concealer is quite expensive but you get 2 for 1 in a way! 
  3. The Mascara of 2014 that has to be the best I have ever used is the 'Loreal Telescopic Mascara'. This mascara is.. wow. I build it and layer it to get my lashes looking like full on false eyelashes! It's unreal. This mascara has synthetic fibres in it which attach to your lashes and make them long and voluminous!  
  4. I am a big eyeshadow lover but last Christmas I got a set of 'Bella Terra Cosmetics' loose eye shadows. These are amazing! I wet a small brush that came with the set and pack the glitter onto my lid. I love these for nights out as they are so beautiful and pigmented and add so much to an eye look! 
  5. This next makeup product is quite random but I used it all the time in 2014 so I decided to throw it in. The 'Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Lavender Whip'. This lipstick is life. I'm not even joking! I got it as a gift and it is my first and only Mac Lipstick (kinda weird) but anyway, The shade as the name suggests, is a lavender purple colour. It surprisingly suits me really well and goes with any makeup look! It adds a pop of colour to your look and is so creamy and has a sheen to it. I love this lipstick for Spring/summer! 

  6. The last but defiantly not least favourite item from 2014 has to be the fashion trend of 'Kimonos!' Not going to lie, these fashion staples were a massive obsession of mine during the summer and it still seems to be as I have recently purchased a black, lace one in A&F! During the summer I watched a lot of DIYS on how to make my own Kimonos and I made a few easily out of scarfs which I bought in Pennys! As my sewing skills are not on point, they kinda fell apart after a while but they 100% did the job and I wore them mostly everyday in Summer 2014!  

So they are the 6 of my favourite items of 2014, I hope you guys had a great 2014 but I hope you have an even better 2015! 

Yours Truly,
Alicia xoxo

Saturday 3 January 2015

Christmas Eve ootd!

So, sorry this blog post is long overdue, but as my computer is currently broken I am writing this on my phone! 
I still have so many videos to upload on my YouTube which is going to be very delayed! But anyway, on to the purpose of this post! My Christmas Eve ootd!!! I wanted to be comfy which this outfit is, but also it feels and looks so cosy and wintery! Perfect for Christmas Eve!

My coat is from new look!
My jumper is from

My jeggins are also from

My wedged boots are from blowfish! (Obsessed)

Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Christmas Tag!

Hey lovelies, so today Im going to be doing the Christmas Tag and thank you Jane for the Tag! So I guess I should get too it...

What is your favourite Christmas film?
Hmmm.... all time favourite has to be 'Elf', but on the side lines I love 'Home Alone, Love Actually,and Deck the Halls!' 
Have you ever had a White Christmas?
Yes, I remember late December/January of 2010 it snowed and I built a fail of a snowman called Percy and it took about a week to melt! It was heavy snow and driving places was a nightmare! I also remember school being closed and I was in 6th class at the time so the school being closed was the biggest deal you could imagine! 
Where do you usually spend the holidays?
At Home, which is good and bad I suppose! I would love to be one of those people that say "I'm going back home for Christmas, flying out tomorrow..." but yeah I'm very weird so that's probably just me... 
What is your favourite Christmas song?
Well like most normal Christmas lovers on this earth I have more than one... The classic "All I want for Christmas" but I love the one with Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber! I Surprisingly like the old classics and as I am an avid Ariana Grande fan I love her Christmas album 'Christmas Kisses' the songs on that are more than perfection! 'The Fairytale of New York' will never get old, it's a guilty pleasure of mine... and off course 'Baby it's cold outside' the Colbie Caillat cover is life. Justin Bieber Mistletoe is also quite delightful!
Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
Yes, I always go to a hotel in Town for breakfast with my step Dad's family and they give my presents which I usually open... is that bad? Also my mom and dad always get me a set of xmas pjs which I open and wear on Christmas Eve! 
Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?
Yeah... Rudolf.... and *insert 6/7/8 more here?*.... 
What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?
Ok I'm going to limit this to 3 traditions because i will be here all day... So the first one has to be going to the Conrad Hotel every christmas eve morning and then usually going on a horse and carriage around Dublin! The second tradition would be Christmas shopping with my family and friends and being surrounded by the festive atmosphere! The last one would have to be decorating the house and Christmas dinner and spending time with my family and friends!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
REAL! Have no time for fake trees! But emm except maybe a small fake one in my room but sadly not this year as it was stored in the shed and it is now covered in cobwebs and lovely spiders!
What is your all-time favourite holiday food/sweet treat?
Ham, STUFFING <3 and candy-canes,hot chocolate and egg nog lattes <3

Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
If i'm being honest here I do prefer receiving gifts... I'm the worst at buying presents for people especially my family! I just never know what to get them and I'm always broke! Hence I usually get crappy presents for people and I feel really embarrassed giving it to them! But if I had more money and an idea what to get them then I would love giving presents, oh 100% But last year I baked and decorated christmas cookies for presents and they went down a treat! *No pun intended* I spent hours making them on Christmas eve but I really enjoyed it! I'm actually going to make a video on these cookies a few days before christmas as a late christmas present idea video because if you are like yours truly and leave everything to the last minute then this will work for you! It's also a cheap idea which looks $10000

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
This is hard... Well recently probably my Camera I got last year! I got the Canon EOS 600D for filming which was amazing! Nearly a year in and I still am figuring out to use it! Also, the year before I got a huge Urban Decay makeup hamper from Santa also which was life! 
What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
NEW YORK without a doubt! No words can describe my obsession with NYC and I haven't even been there before... I could go on a massive rant about how much I want to live in New York but I don't want to bore you! Gossip Girl is honestly the only way I can sum up my love for NYC...

Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?
One Word... well three... I FAIL MISERABLY. 
Most memorable holiday moment?
Honestly just being wild and crazy as per usual

What made you realise the truth about Santa?
 When I found the Nintendo Game I asked for from Santa In the boot of my car...

Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
Yes, but they are never clear and always extremely cliche... this year I'm going to make a post on my new years resolution and make them as unique and easy to stick too as possible! 
What makes the holidays special for you?
 Being with friends and family, seeing them happy and I as for myself Christmas is the one time of year where I am at my happiest!

I tag.. anyone and everyone as I have no one to tag really... Sigh :(Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this! Have a great week, until next week...

Your's Truly,Alicia xo

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Morning Skincare Routine - How I'm Currently Clearing Up My Acne + Update!

Hey everyone,
So as I said in my last youtube video today i'm going to be telling you guys how i clean my face in the morning and treat my acne! Again, I still use the Exposed Skincare acne kit. So, I use less products in the morning than in the evening plus a few products are different. P.s I also have a terrible cold I feel like i'm dying if i'm being honest here, so anyway lets get too it...

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser

So when I wake up I go ahead and go wash my face with this cleanser, It removes all the dirt and oils from my face that I have collected from during the night and also helps treat my acne with Salicylic acid!

Exposed Skincare Clearing Tonic

So after I wash my face I use this toner to tone my face, restore my skins PH balance and remove any extra dirt or product on my face. This toner contains some natural ingredients to treat acne which I like but there is also some chemicals that help treat it also.

Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum
When my face is still wet from the toner I go ahead and apply half a finger full of product onto my acne. NOTE: My skin can tolerate this amount of product, please read the instructions before to note how much serum is right for you! Anyway, this treatment is amazing! It has worked wonders for me, it contains Tee tree oil and Microinized BP which really helps with the treatment of acne!
Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex
I let the acne treatment serum dry for around 5 minutes then I apply this moisturiser. The thing I love about this moisturiser is that it leaves my skin so hydrated and soft and it contains Pumpkin seed and Caffeine which makes me soo happy because Caffeine is my life it wakes me up in drinks and as it is in this moisturiser it really wakes up my skin!

UPDATE - My skin has greatly improved since my video last week! I have been following this skincare routine except using the acne treatment serum at night rather than the clear pore serum! I still have some spots here and there but they defiantly are clearing up! This is a 30 day treatment and it's only been 3 weeks so I cannot wait to see the end result!

My Evening skincare routine!

Yours Truly,
Alicia xo

Wednesday 26 November 2014

My November Favourites!

With November coming to an end and December finally here I can officially say it's CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!! Ill save my Christmas small talk for my winter posts cause there are lots to come! Anyway, Today I am going to be showing you guys some of my favourites of the past month! My October favourites are up on my youtube channel and I have decided to blog my favourites every second month and vlog them every other month ( If that made sense) So with out further adieu,  these are my November Favourites!

 I absolutely love this foundation! It’s the perfect shade and perfectly yellow toned! It blends super well and looks so natural but is very build able! I love using it when I want evened out skin tone but without looking Like I have loads of makeup on! 
If you guys saw this is my recent fall haul you would know that I have wanted this for a while now and I finally bought it and oh my God. It is AMAZING! It has literally changed my brow game from 10 too 100000 it's super easy to get perfect defined,filled in and shaped brows with this kit! It's so inexpensive and worth ever penny, I would highly recommend it!

This sponge is a re- purchase from my recent fall haul and as you can see it's already dirty clearly stating that this is well used favourite of mine! From it's inexpensive price to it's beautiful application of foundation and concealer I can't praise this sponge enough! It does the job and gives my foundation a beautiful flawless airbrushed finish! It also helps with coverage and helps with building up coverage!
So I have been going through very bad acne breakouts for the past while now and I will do anything it takes to get rid of it! I recently picked up this product and I use it at night time after I clean my face ( Sunday I will upload a night skin care routine on my youtube) Anyway, I have noticed my spots going down and scars healing because of this product. It is gentle on my skin and doesn't cause irritation. I threw this into my favourites as I have noticed a slight difference over the course of the past few weeks. 
So, I got a few samples of perfumes that I wanted to try out and as I don't have the money to be buying fancy perfumes I like to savour as many samples as I can get my hands on! I have never heard of this perfume before I got the sample but I wish I did! This perfume smells soo good! It's almost like a girly, masculine scent and perfect for everyday! It smells so fresh and clean! It's the opposite to fruity and it's not a very strong scent so it's perfect for the girls who like perfume but don't want to be smelling of cupcakes and candy!
This shampoo ( and matching conditioner) have changed my hair for the better! It has seriously made my hair so vibrant and light and goodbye orange+yellow tones! My highlights have really come through with this shampoo and at such an extraordinary price! I will defiantly not use anything else for a while! After I use this shampoo I get a shimmer in my hair and it looks so clean and shiny and glossy! When my hair catches the light it looks like it's sparkling! I love it! The smell is also AMAZING! I get so many compliments on the smell and the colour and look of my hair! One of my beauty secrets! 

Well, that is all my November favourites of this year, I hope you enjoyed and make sure to leave me your feedback and follow me on Bloglovin and make sure to check out my youtube channel! Until next Wednesday....

Your's Truly,
Alicia xo

Sunday 23 November 2014

Fall Inspired Outfits!

Hey guys,

So i'd like to share with you 2 Fall Inspired Outfits! One is dressy and one is very casual! There all inexpensive items which can be dressed up or down! Ill list all the items, Shops and prices!

I put together a short video on the outfits here and i hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below! Thank you girls enjoy :)

  • Jumper - Pennys      8€
  • Jeggins - Pennys     8€
  • Scarf - TopShop      14€
  • Skirt - Forever 21   15€
  • Bralett- Depop       8€
  • Cardigan - Pennys    14€
  • Boots - Forever 21   39€
  • Vans - Office        60€

Yours Truly

- Alicia xo